Cable Joint Kit

Cable joint kits, Cable trays, Cable heat shrinkable joint kits are most important accessories used generally in power setup. There are various types of low, medium and also high voltage Joints exist in the market. For Ex: We can't use low voltage joint kits in high voltage power applications, it may cause Short Circuit. Cable Joint Kits connect two diverse structural equipment's to each other. You can say it is mostly used to connect two cables of distinct diameter and shape. These jointing kits lives up to expectations superbly and securely in underground wire setups with water stagnation in ground.

Cable Heat shrinkable joint kits are utilized to join distinct or diverse types of wires like PILC, XLP and PVC. It gives high security against dielectric anxiety. It has the limit of high resistance to effect and abrasion. Due to its longtime durability and corrosion nature, it is highly demanded in the market. But these kind of jointing kits rely on some parameters like operational frameworks, power cable trays, voltage level and also some other specifications.

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All these kits or Products Manufactured and supplied by Transpower Switchgear industries have some specific features. We as a prominent company supply all these kits or accessories to all over India and also outside of India as per the demand. The listed below are our products specialized features:

Reckoned for

  • ISI marked
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Durable & Flawless performance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant

Accomplished with

  • Heat shrinkable joints
  • Power cable joints
  • Electronic cable jointing
  • Jointing accessories