Distribution Transformers

Distribution Transformer plays very important role in the distribution of electric power. It is the transformer which brings final voltage down and distributes the electrical power to the power lines through distribution poles. It helps the electricity to reach our home. This kind of power distribution requires various transformers with different sizes and proficiencies. So People select as per their budget and requirements.

We as TRANSPOWER SWITCHGEAR INDUSTRIES ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY is emerging as one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporters of transformers like power transformers, distribution transformers, electrical transformers etc. We also additionally deal in Control Transformer, Power Transformer, High Current Transformer, Dry Type Transformer, Lightening Transformer and Welding Transformer also. We also offer repairing service to these kind of products and our repaired transformers are well known for their quality and proficient working. Transformers supplied by us are highly appreciated by various client because it is widely used in many substations and industrial sector. In a short span of time we have established ourselves on top among the recognized manufacturers and exporters.

Used for : Distribution or transfer of electrical power from one circuit to another with the help of inductively coupled conductors (Transformer Coils).

Use : For the electricity distribution at various places.

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Applications :

  • Engineering industry
  • Medical industry
  • Infrastructure

Appreciated for

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Voltage Ration: 11/22/33 KV Line
  • Optimum safety
  • High tensile strength
  • Fabricated from mild steel plates
  • Superior conductivity
  • Tested under pressure to ensure no leakage of oil
  • Better flexibility
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Ease of jointing
  • Tanks and frame parts are painted with oil resistance paint
  • Heat resistance
  • 3000 KVA transformers
  • Fire retardant